Next generation compressor vavle steel from Alleima

Even a small piece of steel can have a great impact

Imagine that you are looking at the world from a far distance. Do you see all the little houses and buildings everywhere? Then, imagine how many refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners – and many other devices that are depending on a compressor – those houses and buildings all contain. Billions. Therefore, it’s safe to say that even a small reduction in the energy consumption of compressors would have an enormous effect on the total CO2 emission.

Now, imagine that one small piece of steel could change the whole game and set the limit for what is possible when it comes to designing even more energy efficient compressors. As the valves of a human heart, the compressor valves are crucial parts of the compressor system – and the characteristics of the valve steel therefore have a great impact, not only on the device but on our global footprint.

Tougher materials for tougher conditions - and demands

Tougher materials for tougher conditions - and demands

Compressors need energy to be able to function, but the planet needs all of us to stay on top of our game and constantly try to find new ways to use resources and energy more wisely. So how can we reduce the compressors need for energy without reducing its performance? The short answer is innovative design. A compressor valve steel with enhanced fatigue properties, to be exposed to tougher operational conditions, is critical for designing more energy efficient compressor. Innovative design allows for further innovative designs.

Freeflex® – Next generation compressor valve steel

Our latest addition to our product portfolio is Freeflex® – the next generation compressor valve steel. Freeflex® is a hardened and tempered martensitic
stainless compressor valve steel with a unique chemical composition.
The material is characterized by

  • High strength and very good ductility
  • Excellent surface finish and a very high compressive residual surface stress.
  • Low level of non-metallic inclusions
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Extremely high fatigue strength under bending and impact stress

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Application areas

Residential Air Conditioner



Car Air Conditioner

Heat pumps such as residential heating and dry tumblers

Braking systems

Process industry

Power generation

Pneumatic and hydraulic tools

Difference that makes a difference

At Alleima, we have manufactured world-class strip steel for almost 130 years. Our products have been developed by listening to our customers’ needs and challenging ourselves to create innovative solutions that exceeds their expectations.
And doing so with consistent quality. We also have great resources and possibilities to join the fight for energy efficiency and sustainability.
And with knowledge, engineering and innovation as our main tools, we are committed to do so.

Service where you need it

Global yet local. Our presence in over 150 countries gives us great opportunities to co-operate with and provide excellent service to our customers
all over the world. To us, a partnership is the best way to help you in creating your own success story.
Contact us and let FreeflexTM open your mind for what is possible.

Meet future demands - today

FreeflexTM offers manufacturers a higher level of freedom to design compressors with improved energy efficiency while meeting lifetime and reliability requirements.
Or compressors with reduced size and weight to limit the environmental footprint further. With optimized valve systems for compressors, manufacturers can meet future extreme demands on efficiency, weight and noise levels – today.

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

We have used an analogy to show how a compressor valve, weighing not much more than a butterfly, can have an effect far greater than its small size and weight.

Compressor valve steel

Compressor valve steel

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Want to know more

Want to know more

With presence in over 150 countries we are never far away - contact us for more information about Freeflex or our other compressor valve steel.

Get the facts

Get the facts

Get the details of our latest addition to our compressor valve steel range, Freeflex.

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