If you are producing carbon black pellets or powder as a filler for tires, industrial rubber products, plastics, electrostatic discharge (ESD) compounds, coatings or other products, you’re most likely battling HT corrosion. Whether you use the furnace black or thermal black process, we offer a range of HT tube grades for air pre-heaters (APH), oil pre-heaters, scrubbers, gas cleaning units and continuous rotary dryers.

Boosting yield, reducing fuel consumption

The combustion of heavy petroleum, whether in a single- or double-shell preheater at 800 – 900°C in the reactor’s preheater, can be highly corrosive and lead to adverse deposits. However, the ability to recover process gas heat is a valuable way to reduce fuel consumption, increase feedstock flow, boost production yield and reduce fuel consumption.

Suggested materials

Sandvik 253 MA® is suitable for air preheaters, depending on the impurity levels (sulphur, sodium, vanadium). A typical quantity would be about 14 tonnes per preheater. For reactor boilers, Sanicro® 28 is an excellent option due to its good resistance to sulphuric acid. For scrubbers and gas cleaning units, Alloy 825 is often used but can be replaced by Sandvik 2RK65™ and Sanicro® 28. Sandvik 253 MA tube is highly suitable for pipe lifters.