Fine wire products and wire-based components are custom manufactured to suit your needs based on utilizing our decades of expertise and innovative minds.

Our in-house die craftsmen and women have over 100 years of combined experience to put the precise art of die making at your service. It’s this type of painstaking attention to detail that makes us unique and empowers Exera® ultra high-quality fine wire components.

Innovative solutions making a difference

From precision tolerance coating to multi-filar micro cables, we can provide you the best possible solution for your specific medical device application. We can help you conceive and implement innovative materials solutions that can make the manufacture of your device highly reliable and meet the strict quality requirements.

As one of the world’s leading metal producers and metallurgy pioneers, we have strict control over our supply chain. We understand the importance of agility in the product design process as we continually implement lean initiatives to increase quality and decrease variability.

Your business partner

Offering a high level of competence spanning the entire value chain, we seek to provide value at every step of the component design and manufacturing process. We therefore want you to see us not only a supplier, but a business partner.

Take advantage of our experience and creativity and let us become an integral part of your research and development process!

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